For my heart will not shattered into million pieces I preferably wouldn’t expect a lot from this movie. But I’m glad Isayama is involved. And yeah new “frightening” enemy and new characters. Well its okay. Some don’t want to watch the same thing twice. For me, I just wanted the same story line because I want Shingeki no Kyojin replay right before my eyes in real-life seeing maneuvering those 3DMG will give me chills. The feels I got from both anime and manga I want to feel it too in this upcoming Live Action film. I dare not to mention Hongo because he is still my Ryoma Echizen but it is better if he will play a badass character. Already imagining him on 3DMG

Oh how I wish I can use 3DMG here. Lol
Ao Haru Ride Moments (PAGE 1) 
            - Futaba and Kou 

Real man doesn’t shave with a razor…

this is the best gif EVER

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